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I have a 95 year old mother that lives independently and needed a little support as well as a lot of company. Rona came to work with my mom when she had just recently got diagnosed with dementia. Rona built a relationship with my mom by taking a special interest in her  by  deeply listening and engaging  my mom to recollect her memories and tell her stories.


Every day Rona came to see my mom, she would help my mom build on her stories, and as such she created a great friendship with my mom.  Rona was such a wonderful companion and addition to my mom's days. My mom was always thrilled and excited when Rona would come and visit her, knowing that Rona would take her out to do my moms favorite activity-to go out for lunch and to have a de-caffeinated cappucino.


Rona was readily available to help, and she would perform tasks that were helpful to the family. Rona is a very caring, kind, compassionate, positive and creative individual, and when you are around her, it is evident that she is passionate about working with Seniors.  Thanks again for all your support. You certainly made my mom's moments bright and exciting.

Gaby Kirschner- daughter


Hi Rona
Thanks again for the time you spent with my sister. Our family appreciates your kindness and help plus the music which my sister mentioned many times was great. I do hope that in the future if we need your services, that I will be able to contact you.

Regards from Diane

“Rona Goodman and have made my life so much easier (and happier)!  As a senior sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all the destination chores that pile up like shopping, errands and more. Hiring the was the smartest and safest thing I have done. Rona is not only a terrific driver but she is upbeat and fun to be around. I look forward to our outings and because of Rona I can get out safely and enjoy life.  When it comes time for my knee replacement, I know I can count on Rona when I need that extra assistance. I am very grateful!”

Thanks Jane 

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