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                     My Story! 



Hi I'm Rona and I was inspired to begin this venture years ago when I spent time visiting my friend’s lovely mom who had dementia. I often took her for walks and did errands and met many beautiful people at the home where she lived. Out of the stories told, lessons learned, and legacies lived by the seniors, my desire to help others blossomed into my business venture. Named in honor of my beautiful bubby (Jewish grandmother) the bubbymobile was born and ready for an adventure. 


I am interested in building something sustainable as well as developing interpersonal relationships with the people living within the communities I serve. My background is in marketing and public relations and I'm also a professional musician, songwriter, composer and producer. I've spent my career mostly in the entertainment industry and have had the privilege of working with the biggest artists in the world. I've been known to tell a few stories. I'm also a guitar player and love to bring joy to people by playing music. 


My empathy and compassion come from my own experiences and giving back is in my nature. I also believe helping others only enriches all our lives. I'm a volunteer driver for the Vancouver Cancer Drivers Society, which is a patient transportation service (my dad used them many years ago when he needed the service, so it's come full circle). I really enjoy meeting people and I know there is a need in this day and age for a service that will not only support family members but also provide that independence and sense of community to the seniors in their golden years. 

I am insured, fully vaccinated, follow all covid rules, passed a criminal record check and ICBC Drivers Abstract (Driving History.) 



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