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We go the extra mile for you!

Thanks to improved medical care, more seniors are living well into their 80's and 90's. Many are capable of maintaining their independence at home with some outside assistance.


If you are the primary caretaker for a senior loved one, you’re likely balancing work and other family obligations. Sometimes juggling all of these responsibilities becomes too much to handle, and you need some help. offers a multitude of non-medical services including errand running, going to the post office, grocery shopping, accompanying to medical appointments and check-ups, transportation, companionship, lunch, errands, friendship, and more. 


Servicing Vancouver and surrounding areas. 

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For all the seniors who are too busy or unable to get to the grocery store, hiring a personal shopper can be the perfect solution. 

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Neuroscience makes it clear that walking from place to place, inside or outside, is good for what goes on in our heads as well as our health. Put on your walking shoes and get a move on, whenever you can.

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Social support systems are extremely beneficial as we age. Positive relationships with spouse, family or friends are a significant factor in the overall health and well being of the elderly person.

Taking Care of Plants


How many errands do you run on a typical week? For seniors, these important trips to local stores or doctor’s offices are an essential part of living an active, independent, and enriched life.

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The Benefits of a Concierge Service for Seniors  


Living in your own home as you age has its advantages, but it can also be difficult.

Tasks that may have once been easy are not as easy anymore.


Using concierge services as a senior can help you not only stay in your home longer but also enjoy the relaxation and happiness of your daily life.​

  • You’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that the elders of your family are in good hands and taken care of.

  • Companionship can help improve their quality of life.​​

  • A great way to encourage more social activities, and sense of community. 

  • Seniors and their adult children who live too far away to visit regularly, appreciate having someone call or visit to make sure everything is ok. ​​

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